This week I had the honor of presenting at a Ragan Communications conference hosted by the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. Over the course of the two day conference, I had a great time hearing from my peers in the health care industry. I learned a lot and look forward to getting back to work to continue to build out our social media capabilities at Kaiser Permanente.
Many thanks to everyone who helped to pull this presentation together (you know who you are) and especially to Ted Eytan ( who crammed time into his very busy schedule to present with me.
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  1. Holly I was very impressed by your presentation. You have taken social media farther than I could have imagined at this stage.

    May I use some of your presentation in a workshop I am putting together for a client? Audience will be less than 200. They are NOT a competitor but are a pharma.

    I would like for them to see what is possible.

    Thanks for sharing this!!

    I am on Twitter @SMSJOE

  2. Thank you for your feedback.

    And yes, you are welcome to share provided Kaiser Permanente is given credit.

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