Leaders and their impact on brand

June 9, 2016: Leadership Palo Alto, Palo Alto CA –
Opportunity to welcome 2016 Leadership Palo Alto participants. Overview of what is a brand and how leaders contribute to (and detract from) brand reputation.

The Intersection of Earned Media and Content Marketing

July 9, 2014: Levi-Strauss, San Francisco CA –

Invited to a lunchtime briefing for the corporate communications team at Levi Strauss about how brand journalism and content marketing can support earned media strategies.

Here is a link to the slideshare of the presentation:


Case Study: Brand Journalism and Content Marketing

December 9-11, 2013: SocialMedia.org Brands Only Summit, Orlando FL – 

Spoke about the launch, development, and operation of their new online platform, share.kp.org.

Discussing how brand journalism and content marketing to increase brand awareness among consumers and thought leaders.

Case Study: Brand Journalism and Content Marketing