I travel a lot. Some people tell me too much.

Years ago, I imagined that traveling for work would be glamorous. It didn’t take long to figure out that it’s been a long time since travel has been glamorous. (Have you been to an airport lately?)

It’s also a bit disappointing to fly into a great city, be so close to some amazing sights and experiences and know that there just isn’t time to explore when you’re there for work.

So earlier today, when I posted on Facebook that I was walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago on my way to a meeting, and my niece responded that she wished she had my life, my first reaction was “if she only knew.”

Then I took a moment to reflect on the fact that I am, in fact, very lucky.

Though I rarely have the time to really explore and fully enjoy the cities I visit, I have gotten bite-sized moments allowing me to appreciate them. Though I yearned to stop to explore the Art Institute as I walked by it today and felt a little pang of disappointment as I looked out on the Field Museum from our meeting venue, I still felt gratitude for all I was able to see.

Walking down Michigan Avenue, I was able to stop and appreciate the beauty of both the Chicago Tribune and Wrigley buildings. I snapped a picture of the river. As we took off from O’Hare and climbed to 30,000 feet, I was treated to a fireworks display at one of the ballparks.

Now, I have just landed in Cincinnati. While it may not be at the top of my list of places I’d choose to travel to, people have been telling me great things about the city. Though I suspect I’ll be stuck inside the walls of the convention center during most of my stay, I want to find some bite-sized moments to help me appreciate all the city has to offer.

Any suggestions? Restaurants? Neighborhood to walk?

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