So I joined the land grab for official identities on Facebook tonight. It was somewhat satisfying to claim htpotter on yet another platform. Over the years, I think I’ve claimed that moniker on every virtual platform possible — multiple emails, URL, on both Blogger and WordPress, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter and now Facebook.

It’s nice to know that since the mid-90s, my online identity has been consistent and that I “own” the name going forward.


  1. Heh, you want uniqueness (uniquity?), try debronkart. Nailed that one EVERYWHERE.

    Equally uniquitous is epatientdave. Not NOBODY got THAT one anywhere.

    Upside: it’s always easy to guess my handle on any system. Downside for me: noplace to hide in Google: every single hit is in my immediate family.

  2. Interesting. I’ve been competing with my aunt Susannah Patton in DC and a reporter for the Arkansas Gazette. It’s a rare name, but they’re out there. I’m hoping to one day meet my doppleganger in Arkansas.

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